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Dakota Hot Springs – Penrose, CO – Review

Entrance to Dakota Hot Springs (formerly The Well) – Picture from Ultimate Hot Springs Guide

My rating: 3 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The facilities were a bit run down and in need of an update. Overall the atmosphere was good with friendly people in attendance. No sexual behavior was tolerated by the staff and anyone who didn’t follow the rules would be removed and banned. The water did not have any oder to it. The center small pool known as the lobster pot was where the well head led into the pool. It was around 108 degree in the lobster pot and around 95 degrees in the main pool. The reservation process online was easy along with the on site check in process. I will return to this location again in the future. This facility is also LGBT friendly.


Dakota Hot Springs is located in Penrose, Colorado. Situated west of Pueblo, Colorado on U.S. Highway 50 West this quiet hot spring is secluded for privacy and surrounded by spectacular views.


  • Located on 160 acres.
  • The freeform concrete pool is 70 feet in diameter and varies from 3-5 feet deep.
  • The water is 108 degree fahrenheit at the well head and the pool averages 95-98 degrees year round.
  • The facility is clothing option except on Tuesdays when suits are required.
  • As of this post, reservations are required.
  • Camping is allowed.
  • Website is


1 Malibu Blvd.
US Highway 50 West
Penrose, CO 81240

Hours: (Reservation Required)

  • Monday: Closed (cleaning day)
  • Tuesday: 10:00am to 9:30pm (suits required)
  • Wednesday-Sunday: 10:00am to 9:30pm (suits optional)

Camping is allowed on site with no camping on Sunday & Monday.

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