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How it all started…

I started when I was young. Living at home with my parents and when they would leave or I was alone, I would strip down and enjoy the freedom of being naked around the house and sometimes in the yard. I was definitely one of those kids that my mom had trouble keeping pants on growing up.

Once I went to college I continued to remain naked anytime I was in my room. I got to the point that when someone would come over I wouldn’t bother getting dressed. Even when I would go to the communal bathroom I wouldn’t bother with clothing, especially since it was directly across the hall from my dorm room.

These experiences as a child and in college have led me to where I am now. I began the “social nude” activities online via Discord servers and zoom chats during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last weekend I got to have my first in person social nude event. I’ll tell you more about that in the next post when I share about that experience and what is next for my 1 Naturist Life.

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