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My first in-person naturist experience

Ah, my first in-person naturist/nudist experience. Before last Saturday I had never done anything where I was nude with others in person. I had plenty of online naturist/nudist social event experience but never in person. Let me tell you a little bit about my first experience and why I’ll be back at the next opportunity to be nude with others in a social environment.

Before I went to the Dakota Hot Springs in Penrose, Colorado, I was a bit nervous to go because I was fearful that I would not be accepted. Yes I am a bigger guy that has packed on a bit of extra weight. Throughout my childhood in grade school, middle school and high school I was bullied for my weight and the way I looked. The body shaming I received back then still has lived inside me for all these years.

I hated going to the gym class in school because that meant I would have to strip down and change clothing for class and then shower at the end before my next class. It was a rule that we had to shower before we went to our next class for the the day. I was shamed for my weight and my penis size. Because of these experiences I had, I was fearful that when I went to my first naturist event I would be shamed.

Boy was I wrong! I found this group called the Colorado Springs Nude BrotherHood on the MeetUp app. I seen that they do naked soaks at a nearby hot spring. Since the hot spring wasn’t too far away I figured I would join them and see what it would be like. Now given my experience with the online naturist activities I had participated in, I wasn’t scared to strip down.

When I arrived I immediately checked in for my reservation and headed to the hot spring pool to get my experience started. I met the host of the event, Larry, who was already stripping down. I joined him and got all stripped down and began to get my sunscreen on so I would not burn. I was very diligent to make sure that I had a lot on my genitals and butt because those were two areas I did not want to burn.

After getting prepared I walked straight over to the pool behind Larry and jumped right it. It went from, “oh wow, I’m naked in front of all these people,” to enjoying a nice conversation with Larry as others began to arrive. Several other guys from the group had arrived, stripped down and jumped into the water with us. There we all were, naked and enjoying a nice conversation and getting to know each other.

We ended up spending 5 hours soaking that Saturday, which was probably the longest I’ve ever spent time in a pool. The conversation continued throughout our time there until it was time to leave. I totally had forgotten that I was even naked because it had become normal to be naked with the others at the hot spring.

I have already planned another trip to the Dakota Hot Spring for this upcoming Sunday but with a different group. I will be going with the Rocky Mountain Naturist Club for another soak. I am looking forward to yet another positive experience with another group. This summer looks to be filled with lots of new socially nude events and activities for me to try out. I’ll be sharing each experience here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts.

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