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10 Questions I Answer About Naturism

I answer 10 questions people have about why I am a naturist, why I enjoy it and more.

  1. Why are you a naturist?

I am a naturist because I really enjoy the freedom and the body positivity that it brings to my life. Before I was a naturist I had a lot of body image issues. Those issues really did take a toll on me mentally and made it more difficult for me to make friends as well. Naturism has helped me to improve my self body image and has opened up opportunities to meet new interesting people all without the stigma that clothing brings about. I have worried a lot less about how I look without clothing because I know I am equal with all the other naturists around me.

Enjoying my back yard and getting some sun. Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved.

2. What’s so great about going around naked?

First off it is just natural. Clothing is very restricting and actually can be bad for your health. I’ve read studied about the correlation between going bare foot everywhere and the reduction of alzeimers. That study shows that people who wore shoes all day every day had a greater risk of having alzheimers. The thought that clothing could be hurting me more than helping was a big factor for going around naked. There is so much freedom in going naked that when everyone around you is naked, then no one is naked because it becomes normal.

3. When you’re surrounded by other naked people, don’t you ever just want to look away? Like with elderly people, for example?

My short answer is, No. To me every human body is unique and natural. Just because someone is older does not make them less beautiful. Wearing clothing has taught us to care about how a person looks and taking that clothing off teaches us to appreciate how each person is uniquely designed.

4. How should someone prepare mentally to go to a nude beach for the first time?

Each person reacts differently to seeing a bunch of people nude for the first time. My first time it was like I had been doing it my whole life. If you’re going to somewhere that is clothing optional for the first time, take it slow. Maybe wear a towel for a while until you get used to it. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Naturism is also about being comfortable.

5. What’s the downside to being naked all day? Is there, like, a bigger risk of bugs crawling up your private holes?

No there isn’t a risk of having bugs crawl up your holes. The biggest risk that is faced by going nude all day is sunburn. You’ll want to be sure to apply sunscreen often throughout the time you are nude to help prevent being burned. Your skin down there hasn’t been exposed to the sun as much as other parts of your body so protecting it is important. Plus the skin on your genitals is a little more sensitive so make sure you keep them covered in sunscreen regularly.

6. Does being naked all day make you more DTF then when you wear clothing?

No. When all the clothes have been taken off there is nothing left to reveal which does squash the sexual tension a bit. There is far less sexual energy at a naturist/clothing optional place than at a night club. Often times nude beaches, naturist clubs and clothing optional places have rules about sexual behaviors to help protect people from unwanted attention. You may still be attracted to someone there but that happens the same as when you’re wearing clothing also. Men from time to time will get a boner but that issue is solved by just covering it up. Sure if you fall asleep while sunning, you could still get a boner and really there isn’t anything you can do about that while you’re sleeping.

7. When you sit down on a chair somewhere on a naturist site, isn’t it a bit nasty to realize that hundreds of bare butts and scrotums have rested on the same chair before you?

There is often an unspoken or unwritten rule that when you sit on a chair or bench, you place down a towel to sit on. Naturists simply bring their own towel with them and use it when they sit down. Others will judge you if you don’t do this as it is unsanitary.

Enjoy the outdoors at home. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

8. Have you ever felt unsafe at a naturist site?

Naturist resorts are safe and most often the most family friendly places to go. Most have some kind of fence around it to keep gawkers from making others uncomfortable or taking photos. They are safe so you can take your kids and let them go enjoy the day with their friends naturally as well. I have never felt unsafe at any naturist or clothing optional place.

9. Do you tell others that you’re a naturist?

Unless it comes up in a conversation, typically I don’t just start out with that piece of information. If it does come up, I’m willing to share more about it and even invite them to try it out with me in a safe environment. If you go to a gym locker room and are changing you may be asked why you don’t have tan lines and that sometimes leads into telling someone about naturism. I think because it’s just my way of life, I like to let that just come up naturally instead of starting off with that.

10. Are there any other unwritten or unspoken rules?

There is a few others. For example, it is not socially acceptable to take photos or videos at a naturist or clothing optional site. Another example would be that you are allowed to wear clothing if you want. Most naturists are still reasonable people and will wear clothing when necessary. If you’re cold or it’s raining, you’ll probably want to put something on to stay warm and keep from getting sick.

I hope you enjoyed reading my responses to these 10 questions. Feel free to drop me a message on the Contact page if you have any other questions about naturism.

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