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Nude Vacations are Becoming More Popular

Sign warning of a nude beach, Miami, FL by Lyndi & Jason from Dallastown Pa, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

With all pandemic work from home opportunities people seen how great it was to just remain naked all day while working from home. Not only did it save them on their laundry bill but it opened their eyes to Nakations.

Nakations are nude vacations where people choose to go to clothing option beaches, resorts, cruises or camps. A nakation was first coined by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) back in 2008. Most nakations take place where the climate is conducive of stripping off your clothing.

Nude vacations are on the rise around the world. Nakations are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the travel industry now that people are discovering the joys of living life in the buff. According to AANR, in 2001 nude travel was a $300 million industry. Now nude travel rakes in well over $530 million annually.

Nudist couple at Sunny Glades Nudist Resort, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada | Dudenopants, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

In 2016, the tourist department in Florida reported $7.4 million had been generated by nude recreation. This number looks to increase in the coming years with the nakations growing in popularity year after year.

The first nude cruise set sail in 1991 with 36 naturists on board. Now there are around 30,000 nude cruisers regularly sailing the high seas on chartered nude cruises. One of the largest nude cruises today is the Big Nude Boat, which is set to sail again in 2022.

Brits in the UK are finding the stay-at-home orders to be a perfect opportunity to try out staying nude at home all day. They are finding that it is fun and comfortable! British Naturism the UK naturist organization has reported that the membership has grown by 100 percent during the lockdown.

Why are Nakations Growing in Popularity?

  1. They are the perfect de-stresser.

We take vacations to de-stress from our every day lives. Leaving all our worries behind, we set off to find fun and relaxation to ease the stress of life. A nude vacation is the best way to de-stress. Why add the stress of worrying about if your swimwear is too revealing or having them annoyingly ride up making them uncomfortable. On a nakation there is no wet swimsuits clinging to your body. There is no worrying about changing before heading to the next adventure. And lastly there is no worry about the sand getting caught between the fabric and your skin and irritating you. Leave your clothes and the stress behind.

2. The Ultimate Leveler

When you are naked, you have nothing to hide. There is no pretenses or pandering to others expectations. You are simply, free to be you! Any prejudices that may be found with wearing clothing are not found when in the presence of other like-minded naturists. With clothing comes the subconscious judgements about a persons wealth, body shape, color, race and status. When you take away the clothing, you take away the judgements and get to know people for who they really are. Each person is different and unique. When everyone is naked, no one is naked, everyone is equal.

3. Nakations are Healthy

Spending time in the buff offers physiological and psychological benefits. Studies show that a persons life satisfaction increased with participation in naturist activities. The body image and self-esteem of individuals participating in naturism improved. So living life nude and nakations are good for you!

Wearing tight clothing can restrict blood flow and can pinch a persons nerves. And for the guys out there, the studies have found that men who wore boxer shorts or went commando and slept naked at night had less damage to the DNA of their sperm. So maybe it is time to go commando after all!

Another healthy benefit of going nude is your ability to get more vitamin D naturally. The benefits of vitamin D on the human body have been well documented. According to the Mayo Clinic, vitamin D can help to improve bone health and may even help to prevent some types of cancer. There is no better way to get all that good vitamin D then letting the sun reach all over and even those places we keep under wraps all the time.

Lastly, getting the right amount of sleep is the key too feeling good. According to The National Sleep Foundation, a drop in temperature at night can promote a better sleep quality. By sleeping naked, your body can more easily cool down to help you achieve the best sleep quality possible.

4. Nakations are Budget Friendly

From a weekend getaway at a naturist camp to a week or two-week cruise in the Caribbean, a nakation can be as affordable as you want to make it. Naturist clubs and resorts are located all around the world. You can bring your RV or go tent camping at naturist clubs who welcome visitors daily, weekend or for a longer basis.

Franzl61, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

5. Pack Light

Another way you can save money and shed the stress, is to pack light for your next nakation. Those annoying baggage fees can be avoided by packing for only a couple days for a week long nakation. You might even be able to fit all you need in a carry on bag that will significantly reduce your vacation cost. On my last naked outing I took one bag with one pair of shorts and a shirt and one pair of shoes. Other than the one set of clothes I took, I took my sunscreen, water and a couple towels.

6. It Just Feels Good

Taking your clothes off to allow the nice warm air caress your entire body just feels good. It is so liberating and freeing to go clothing free and have a comfortable vacation. Why should we put up with having to constantly adjust our clothing or have the fabric stick to your body in the heat. Going without clothing in the right situation and climate just feels right!

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