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Series: Naturist Etiquette – Part 1

If you are new to naturism/nudism and you’re not sure about the rules, this post will help you get started. Naturism, just like the clothed world has some best practices and rules to help keep you safe and comfortable and the same for others. Here are a few to get your journey started.

Nudist area of a hotel in Fuerteventura. Emilio del Prado from Valladolid, Spain, España, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. TOWEL: The MOST important rule/etiquette item is to carry a towel with you always to sit on instead of sitting directly on seats. Hygiene is very important at clothing optional and nudity required venues. This still applies whether you have had a fresh shower or not.
  2. SHOWER: Most nude recreation venues have a sign to remind you that you should shower before entering a pool, hot tub or hot spring. This helps keep the water clean for all the other guests. This also helps the facility keep the cost of cleaning the pools clean down.
  3. CAMERAS: The majority of naturist clubs will disallow the use of cameras while visiting. Most people do not want to have their likeness shared all over the internet or in your photo albums. If you do take photos if allowed, make sure you have permission of all parties and ensure the background is free of anyone else. It’s best to just leave the cameras and cell phones at home.
  4. EYE CONTACT: Don’t stare. Making eye contact is is very important. Gawking at someones genitals makes them and others uncomfortable. To go with this, it is best to not talk about peoples bodies as this can be taken as being rude. Talk about a topic like the weather, favorite foods, or your favorite hobby.
  5. CLOTHES: As naturists we do enjoy being clothing free but when it comes to being practical, we are not afraid to put on clothing when needed. If the weather gets cold, clothing can be acceptable to put on to ensure you don’t get sick. However clothing like lingerie is not appropriate and nor is walking around in your underwear.
  6. GET A ROOM: Sexual activity in a public setting is not allowed and is considered offensive. A simple kiss or hand holding is fine but go any further than that, you should get a room.
  7. ERECTIONS: Yep, they do happen! It is a natural body function. Easiest way to deal with it is, turn over on your towel, cover up or stay in the water a little longer. If you see someone who is obviously trying to show off, simply alert the staff at the venue and they will most likely kick the person out and they won’t be allowed back.
  8. NUDE BEACHES FACILITIES: Nudity might be allowed on the beach but when it comes to the facilities, you’ll most likely need to cover up. Keep a towel or body wrap handy and wear it when you access the facilities.
  9. BODY LANGUAGE: Often our body language can tell a lot to a person about our confidence level or how we are feeling but it can say a lot more. I’m talking about sitting in a proper manner. Yes we know you have genitals, that does not mean they must be the center of attention. Close your legs and have a nice conversation. Guys, I know this is hard for us but in all reality it can help others feel more comfortable if we keep our legs closed.

Next naturist etiquette will be about fine dining. The etiquette of dining in the nude is also important. See that post coming soon!

Stay naked friends!

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