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Becoming A Nudist/Naturist

So for the past several months people have been stuck at home and even working from home due to COVID-19. You may have even tried out going clothing free for the entire day, even while working from home. Now you’re wondering about taking it further and becoming a full time naturist/nudist.

Blog owner, Dustin C. enjoying some nice sunshine. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

There are many advantages to being a nudist/naturist. There is the basics like, no tan lines, feeling the sun all over, and a much more positive self body image. You may have tried nudism/naturism at home during this pandemic, but you’re not sure how to practice it. Let’s get started with these steps to help you become more comfortable and to find ways to practice nudism/naturism.

Step 1: What is nudism/naturism?

Nudity is natural. Obviously we come into the world with no clothing and it is our natural state of being. Sure clothing will aid in keeping us warm, and is sometimes necessary to be worn in public places. But there is a time for just enjoying life without clothing.

First off, you’ll need to know the purpose of nudism/naturism. It really is more than just being nude; it’s about getting closer to nature as well. When we exist in our natural state, there are absolutely no boundaries between the natural world and yourself. It is such a freeing feeling to be naked on the beach or relaxing under a tree; to feel nature against your skin and being comfortable in your own skin. Naturism helps bring people to this level of happiness.

No, nudity is not always a sexual thing. Sure, when people have sex they are nude, but nudity itself does not have to be sexual. Even very revealing clothing is more suggestive sexually than total nudity. Revealing clothing leaves more to the imagination than just being completely naked. Some do worry about opening themselves up to unwanted sexual attention, but rest assured that becoming a nudist/naturism is about being free and natural not sexual.

  • Being a nudist/naturism is not about having public sex or exposing yourself to others. Most people who practice nudism/naturism are modest people and are not in the lifestyle to connect sexually with others.
  • Yes, nudity can be pleasing to the senses in a sexual way and can be arousing but this is healthy and natural. Suppressing the sexual feelings is in general unhealthy and by doing so in the context of naturism negates the healthy benefits of a naturist lifestyle.

Step 2: Practice At Home.

You may have already had some practice at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns but if you have not, here are some ways to practice nudism/naturism at home.

Blog owner, Dustin C. cleaning up around the kitchen. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.
  • Sleep naked. Don’t wear anything to bed and sleep completely naked. This promotes further relaxation and can improve your quality of sleep. If it is extra warm, skip the bed covers as well. Some may find sleeping naked difficult at first but you can easily work into it. Remove one piece of clothing at a time until you completely naked and comfortable. Also, sleep with a window open to help bring in a breeze and enjoy the feeling of the air blowing across the body.
  • Stay naked around the house for as long as you can. After getting your shower, stay naked. Simply towel dry and finish your routine naked. Next you can try being naked while eating, cleaning or just kicking back and relaxing while watching TV. This is also an opportunity to do your home workout nude as well. Just remember to respect the boundaries of others. Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, keep your curtains closed. Also don’t sunbathe nude in your yard unless you have a privacy fence or you’ve discussed it with your neighbors to be sure they are ok with it.
  • Be sure to discuss nudism/naturism with your partner. You may be able to take your intimacy to the next level by being naked in a non-sexual way with your partner. Discuss whether or not to explore it together. If your partner is not comfortable with practicing nudism/naturism with you, ask if he/she would be comfortable with you doing it by yourself.

Step 3: Join a Nudist/Naturism Club or Community.

Do a quick online search to locate a nudist club. The best place I’ve found to locate a trustworthy naturist club/community is by searching on the American Association for Nude Recreation website. This is the next step to take once you are comfortable with being naked at home. Just be sure to know the expectations and rules of the community. While some locations are clothing optional, many are nudity required, as this helps to weed out the people without true intentions.

Once you visit a naturist community, you’ll find that each person is unique and that is just fine. The others there are not worried about their own bodies, nor that of anyone else, they are there simply to ensure naturism in a friendly environment.

Now a word of caution. Some places that refer to themselves as nudist communities do encourage sex. Be sure to research all the details about the place you are planning to visit. There are swingers clubs that often try to disguise themselves as being a nudist venue, but in reality they are not there for non-sexual nudity.

Taking a nudist vacation is an excellent way to jump into nudism/naturism. There are naturist resorts around the world where you could visit and enjoy a whole week in the buff. If you’re looking for a local option, there is always clothing optional resorts and hot springs for some nude soaking.

Just simply be naked whenever you can. Be sure to research the local laws regarding being nude outside. For example, in the United States it is legal to be nude in a national park, national forest or on most any federal land but in some locations, the local laws will forbid this and you could end up catching a criminal charge.

Tips & Warnings

Nudist couple at Sunny Glades Nudist Resort, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada | Dudenopants, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Don’t forget to wear sunblock outdoors!
  • Naturism/nudism is more enjoyable when practiced with a friend or partner.
  • Research and be aware of local laws in regards to public nudity. Depending on the location, these laws can and do differ widely. There are no federal laws against nudity in the United States, but this may not be the case in other countries.
  • Trying going for a nude walk outside before going to a nude event. It will help acclimate your body if it is your first time and will help you understand what will happen to your body.
  • Cooking naked can be risky and is not recommended. Burns to the genitals or posterior regions are more difficult to treat and be even more uncomfortable than an injury elsewhere.

For more information, be sure to visit my resources page to find other great resources for becoming a nudist/naturist. Enjoy being nude and feel free to shoot me questions on twitter or by visiting the contact page here.

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