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First Naturist Resort Experience

Where: Mountain Air Ranch – Littleton, Colorado
When: June 16, 2021
Rating: ★★★★★

My first experience at a naturist resort was nothing short of great! It was so nice to see how normal everyone felt, including myself. It wasn’t weird and I never got “hippie” vibe from the residents or visitors. It was probably the best experience I have had to date. Let me tell you about my day and what I got to experience while I was there with the Rocky Mountain Naturists Club.

My morning started off with driving almost two hours away to Littleton, Colorado. It was a nice drive and once I got close to the resort I was surrounded by beautiful mountain views. The serenity had already begun at that point. After filling out paperwork at the office, I was greeted by Mike, who took me and another man on a tour of the resort. Mike obviously was very knowledgeable and was quick to learn about what each of us was looking to get out of the experience.

I told Mike that I wanted to do some hiking so he pulled in next to a trailhead marker and explained what each of the markings meant on the makers I would find on my hike. This was great because it would ensure that I knew where I could hike in the resort. After that explanation we finished up the tour at the club house and pool area before heading back to the office to begin our visit. The office staff were friendly and very easy to work with as well. Once I finished up at the office, the staff gave me my gate code for the day and I was free to enter the resort.

I immediately went to the club house and pool to grab a lounger for the day of swimming and hiking. After parking I was quick to undress and head to the pool. It didn’t take long to find more of the club members I was joining for the day and after a round of pool side chatter, we moved into the pool for a nice cool down on a hot spring day. This is where I met Jeff who was part of the club event that day. He offered to go hiking with me and so we made the plan to go hiking.

Mountain Air Ranch pool area. Picture via Mountain Air Ranch at

After some more swimming and the cloud covered moved in, we went out for our hike. We took the trail directly off the side of the club house and went to the upper ring. As we approached the top, it began to rain lightly and the wind kicked up. The rain felt so good all across my bare body. It something I have always wanted to experience and during this hike I finally got to experience it.

I had no idea that hiking in the buff would be so much better than hiking fully clothed. The feeling of the breeze blowing across your body and feeling the grass and leaves touching your skin is so great. I don’t think I could ever hike clothed again because the feeling of your sweaty skin sticking to your clothing is awful. We ended up hiking 2.5 miles in about an hour and a half. We finished the hike back at the pool for a nice cool down dip.

It was so hard to end the day and drive back home. I was so comfortable and it was so nice to not have to worry about clothing the entire day outside. If I had the right situation, I would live every day like this and would never wear a stitch of clothing ever again. My body was so relaxed there and I enjoyed seeing all the families with the children there gleefully enjoying the day. Oh to be a kid again and get to enjoy life naturally like those kids are getting to do would be amazing.

I am already planning my next visit to Mountain Air Ranch and I look forward to going back as soon as possible. I hope to get to take more photos next time of the facility to share with you. A lot of the facilities have had updates done to them since they took the pictures that are on their website. If you would like to learn more about Mountain Air Ranch, visit their website.

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