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When Medical Emergencies Happen

While enjoying some nude relaxation at a nudist resort or at a nude beach, you don’t expect to have a medical emergency happen. So what happens when you or someone else experiences a medical emergency? Well you would expect someone would activate the emergency medical system and starting medical personnel on the way.

Now, what happens when you are a member of the emergency system and witness the medical emergency occur? You jump into action and try to help the person as best you can until the local emergency medical services arrive. It’s yet another experience you never expect to experience while relaxing nude at the resort or beach. Treating someone medically while nude is what happened to me but it was completely unexpected.

Dustin, blog owner on duty with his local fire service. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Yep, I am an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and this did happen to me one day while visiting a nudist venue. I never did expect to witness a medical emergency or to act in a medical capacity while naked. Honestly, the nudity didn’t even phase me. I sure didn’t think about being naked while treating the individual. I just did what I would have done while dressed in my uniform. I think that anyone who is in medicine and also visiting a nudist resort or beach would have done the same thing. Saving a life is far more important than what clothing we are wearing or aren’t wearing.

Typically the local emergency medical services are used to visiting the nudist resorts and beaches and it doesn’t phase them. To see a nude body is nothing new, especially if you have been in the emergency medical field for any length of time. You see plenty of it when you have to help treat people with medical and trauma emergencies. It is simply another human who is in need of some type of help, so you just treat them. Most would say that having to be the medical provider and treat someone while nude might be a little weird the first couple of times but like anything else in nudism/naturism, it’s just another normal activity that can be done while nude.

Nudists visit a resort.

Another thing to consider when going anywhere is whether or not any of your friends have medical training. Knowing who does and does not have training will help if there is ever an emergency that happens along the way. It can give you the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, you’d have someone there who had the proper training to assist you.

Now, if you are out in the boondocks where many nudist resorts are located at, there may or may not be cellular phone service. As was the case with the incident I attended to, luckily they have the option of WiFi calling available. Be mindful of the best methods of communication when going out to an area that most likely will not have any kind of cellular phone service.

People Hiking Nude in Gard – Gilbau, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

**As a quick side note, I am legally not allowed to share details of the medical emergency that I attended to nor the location. Please note that in the United States of America, it is illegal to share any medication information about a victim with anyone outside of family and other medical practitioners who are involved with caring for the individual. No images on this posting are directly related to the people involved, the incident or the location.**

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