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Nude Beach Rules

So you’re finally ready to take the step to try out a nude beach for some relaxation and to catch some sun rays. Here are a few rules you’ll want to follow to ensure you and everyone else has an enjoyable experience.

Signpost at Mpenjati Naturist Beach advising people that they may see naked people. Waynejayes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Make Sure You’re on a Nudist Beach

At nudist or clothing optional beaches, you should find signs marking the are in which you may be nude. If you don’t see any signs, look around for others and see what other people are doing. But don’t let that be the final decision because if it is not allowed there, you can still get into trouble.

2. Get Undressed

Just dive in and get undressed. If you’re at a clothing optional beach it would be acceptable to remain dressed until you’re comfortable. Some places are nudity required, so be ready to whatever the situation is.

3. Don’t Take Pictures

It can be risky to even take a selfie because you have no idea who may have jumped into the shot. Those who are there are expecting privacy while they enjoy the beach in the buff. I’m not saying you can’t take pictures but ensure there is no one else in the photo and if anyone else will be appearing in the photos, be sure you have their permission.

Sunning at the beach. hans_castorp2010, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Come Prepared

In many cases these nudist beaches can be off the beaten path and may require a hike to get there, so you’ll want to be prepared. You should be prepared to pack in food and drinks and other items to make your time at the beach comfortable. Most likely you’ll want to have an umbrella, water, snacks, a towel or blanket and maybe some clothing to cover up with if the weather turns bad. Be sure to include a first aid kit as well!

5. Don’t Stare

It’s just plain rude to stare at people whether you’re at a nudist venue or anywhere else. When everyone is nude, we are all equal and no one has anything you most likely have never seen before. If you’re new to a nudist beach, just imagine everyone is wearing clothing.

6. Sunscreen is a Must!

No one wants to be burned and on some of the more sensitive parts of your body, you’ll want to protect yourself with some sunscreen. Be sure to reapply often to ensure you remain protected.

7. Watch What You Say

Typically you’ll want to avoid conversations about religion and politics in my circumstances. Also avoid complementing as it can also be taken the wrong way. Also be aware that not everyone who goes to the nudist beach wants to talk to others. Respect the privacy of others and if invited to have a conversation or it’s declined just simply respect that choice.

Skinny dipping after the WNBR in Brighton. Funk Dooby from Kent, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Respect Personal Space

Give people the personal space they expect to get when at the beach. Like I mentioned before, some people are there for some alone time or as an escape from reality even if for a small amount of time. Respect others and give them space.

9. Sexual Activity is Forbidden

Having sex in public is typically against the law in many areas and basic common sense says you shouldn’t do it. You could get into serious trouble for having public sexual relations. Sexual activity also includes exhibitionism, swinging and voyeurism and are not allowed.

10. Get Dressed Before Leaving

Be sure to get dressed before you leave the nude beach area. Nudity outside of these areas may be illegal and could you could get fined and in some cases may face even more serious charges.

11. Safeguard Your Valuables

Crime happens everywhere and keeping your valuables safe is important. Either keep someone watching over your things or take them with you. There is always the option of taking your items in a water proof bag if you’re alone and don’t want to take the chance of losing your items.

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