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Naked Bowling – A New Experience

Another new experience has been achieved and it was an amazing time! I can’t wait to go back and join more activities.

Me during Nude Bowling hosted by Rocky Mountain Naturist Club and Mountain Air Ranch.

This day started off with enjoying some time at my friends house in Denver before we headed over to get everything setup for the evening. After arriving at the bowling alley we setup the check-in area and made sure everything else was ready.

I finally picked lane 7 as the place I would setup to bowl at. I setup my butt towel and waiting for another friend to show up. After a few minutes it was finally time to undress and get comfortable. This was by far a new experience to be in a public place and getting undressed. If this wasn’t a nude event, a person could be in trouble and could be possibly charged with indecent exposure.

For me to undress in a public venue was a little awkward because I have never done such a thing. I have been nude at nude venues but never in a public space. I should probably note that the bowling alley was closed to the public as we rented out the entire venue for the nude bowling event.

The awkward feeling quickly went away as it usually does right after doing something for the first time. Finally my friend showed up (this was is first nude bowling experience also) and a couple other people joined us. We setup the computer on the lane and started.

By the time we started there were about 40 nude people at the bowling alley and getting setup to begin bowling. These were people of all walks of life and of all different ages from around 7 years old to around 90. The event eventually had around 70 people at the venue. Not everyone was bowling but enjoying the event as a social time.

Me nude bowling.

The games started off good for me. I don’t normally do good at all in bowling so I never expect to win a game. I actually won the first game with a score of 83. The next game however was much better for me. I ended up with a score of 107 which is probably the highest score I have bowled. The rest of the games that evening didn’t go as well for me.

Overall the evening was great and I am very much looking forward to going to the next nude bowling event later this year. By the end of the night I felt just as comfortable there as I do when I visit nude venues. At the end of the night I got to enjoy skinny dipping with my friends at the one friends house.

I hope you get to enjoy an event like this near you!

Me nude bowling.

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