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9 Benefits of Nude Sunbathing

The feeling of the sun touching every inch of of your body is a great feeling and it is also beneficial.

1. Vitamin D: You get lots of natural Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is very good for bone, skin and organ health. It also aids in putting you in a better mood.

2. Prevents Infections: When wearing clothing, we tend to sweat a lot. The sweat is a breeder of bacteria which can lead to bacterial infections. By spending time nude, your body is able to air out and this reduces the risk of an infection.

3. Reduces Toxins: By sweating, this eliminates toxins from your skin. By wearing clothing the bacteria gets soaked up and this allows your skin to reabsorb the toxins. Being naked allows your body to rid itself of these toxins.

4. Enhance Circulation: Tight clothing can and does lead to circulation issues because they put pressure on your body. By taking off the clothing, you allow your circulation to flow freely.

5. Boost Brain Function: Going naked has been found to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and increases brain function.

6. Relaxation: Being naked is akin to getting a message. Lying in a bed naked helps to increase blood flow. This makes it easier for your body to detox and that reduces the burden on your nervous system.

7. Boosts Self-Confidence: Being naked forces you to face your flaws. Eventually, you will gradually become more comfortable with what you look like. With time, your own perception of your body image will improve and you’ll see yourself in a whole new positive way.

8. Reduce Clothing Costs/Waste: It’s estimated that $17.6 billion is spent on swimwear alone each year. Now imagine how much is spent on other items of clothing. By going naked, you’ll find that you spend less on clothing. Think about how much money you would save by going nude. By not wearing clothing you’re saving more waste from hitting the landfills.

9. Respect For Others: By being nude and seeing others nude you develop more respect for others and how they look. Research also shows that pro-nude people have a much easier time accepting the LGBT way of life of others and more respectful of ethnic and religious differences.

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