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Naked Meditation: What I’m Learning

Meditation can come with some surprising benefits is something I’ve been learning. For me it’s been made even better naked.

Now for sure there isn’t any difference really between being clothed and nude but for me, being naked is more comfortable. One of the big benefits is the body confidence you can gain from being naked. Being naked during meditation there is no barriers separating you from experiencing the world around you. Most people will meditate in loose and baggy clothing to keep from being restricted but being nude is the ultimate way to be unrestricted.

One thing that I’m interested in doing is group meditation in the buff. I think it would be great to enjoy this experience with others.

So what have I learned from naked meditation?

1. Freedom

Although I have enjoyed the freedom of being naked at home and out with others at resorts and hot springs I’ve learned that I am freeing my mind and body during naked meditation. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress from work and meditation has been helping me to be free from that stress because I can clear my mind with meditation.

2. Body Image

Growing up I’ve had a lot of body confidence issues but since I’ve gotten into naturism I’ve really began to appreciate how body looks. The meditation has helped me to connect even more with my body and how I feel after each session.

3. Confidence

Stress has caused me to lose some self esteem but meditation has helped me to build back my confidence. Meditation has helped me to refocus my mind and dig deep to know that I am worthy and worth more than the stress has told me I am worth.

4. Higher Levels of Consciousness

I’ve become more conscious of my body and things that might not be well and areas I need to focus on to make them better. I’m more conscious of how I look and how I feel about my body image. I have also been more conscious about what I’ve been eating and drinking as well so I can become healthier.

5. Stripping Away the Ego

We came into the world naked, in our purest form. Often times our clothes bring out our ego and for many people the clothing makes people more confident because they are hiding their flaws. When I walk into my home and strip off my clothes and go into meditation I am stripping off the stress of the day and my negative ego that has developed because of the stress. Being naked distances me from the ego and helps me find the real me.

6. Different Physical Sensations

When I’m no longer wearing clothing I experience different sensations on my skin and I become more aware of the stimuli of the textures that are touching my skin.

Things to remember if you plan to meditate in the buff:

1. Stay Warm – Be conscious of your limitations when it comes to hot and cold temperatures since you’re naked.

2. Take Your Time – Make sure you sent aside ample time to keep from rushing through meditation. Meditation takes patience and you can’t expect to have a positive session you have to give yourself enough time.

3. Find Somewhere Private – When you’re practicing nude meditation you’ll want to find somewhere that is private for your own privacy and as to not create any issues with anyone who could happen upon you.

Good luck with your next nude meditation session and I hope you find a newfound freedom and new sensations during your nude meditation session.

4 thoughts on “Naked Meditation: What I’m Learning

  1. Sounds amazing but I got a self confidence problem about my penis size I would do anything to get passed it


  2. Love this one, curious how this evolves. I am struggling with body issues myself, since cancer destroyed my back. I lost 10 cm in height, my lungs are pressing my belly outwards. I changed from a razor sharp cycling instructor into… Well… Somebody
    not pretty to look at.


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