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Hello, I am Dustin. Although I am new to social nude events and activities I have been a home nudist/naturist for most of my young adult and adult life. I was one of those kids, whom his parents couldn’t keep pants on growing up. I didn’t like social nudity when I was forced to experience it during gym class in the showers where I was often body shamed.

I began to explore nudism and naturism a lot more when I went off to college. At my first junior college (aka community college) I was always nude in my dorm room and often times ran across the hall to the communal bathroom to shower and such. When I began to use the gym at that college I got to experience my first communal shower. I was used to having my own private stall, even in the dorm bathroom but it was a whole new experience. This experience continued when I went on to university to complete my Bachelors degree.

Now I am partnered to a wonderful man and I enjoy being nude in our home and yard. It wasn’t until recently during the COVID-19 pandemic that I started to experience social nudity. This started online in various naturist/nudist discord servers (that’s an app). That opened up my eyes to see how friendly other naturists were and I began to see an increase in my self-confidence.

In 2021 I began to look for opportunities to experience social nudity at an in-person event or activity. I found a great first opportunity at a local hot spring. I hope you enjoy the blogs I post here to share my continued experience with naturism/nudism.

Involvements & Hobbies
  • Wildland Firefighter/EMT
  • Search & Rescue
  • Photography
  • Amateur Radio

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