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Why naturism?

I was inspired by a recent article I read that asked this question and gave a response. I’ve been a home nudist and naturist since 2009 when I started college. I’ve always enjoyed sleeping naked even as a kid and that began to bloom into being naked always in my dorm room and when I had to go to the community showers.

Dustin enjoying being nude at home.

As the years have went by I have grown even more in my naturist/nudist practice. This all started because I have never enjoyed having clothes on. For as long as I can remember I have been taking my clothes off and my mom would try to put them back on but I’d run away.

For me clothing is not comfortable. It always pinches me or gets bunched up and made me very uncomfortable. I’d say have moved from being a home nudist to being a naturist because I am far more environmentally conscious than I was before. Also I’ve learned that clothing really isn’t healthy for your body as it can cut off circulation and also soaks up bacteria from your sweat which can cause sores.

Letting my skin breath and do what it was designed to do naturally is important because I want to be healthy and feel good. Another benefit of being a naturist is the body confidence I have gained.

Dustin at Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado enjoying the freedom of a naked hike for the first time.

I was teased and bulled because of my body all through grade school and I hated that. I never felt comfortable letting anyone see my body outside of my doctor and my parents. Naturism has shown me that there is nothing to be ashamed of in how my body looks. God didn’t create his master piece to be ashamed of his work or to be covered up with textiles.

God created man and woman in his image and he saw that the man and woman he created was perfect. Our scars and such tell a story and an amazing testimony to how we are wonderfully made. This body that was designed to heal itself and protect us is nothing short of a marvel.

Naturism has shown me that I am perfect the way I was designed by God and that I should not be ashamed of what I look like or who I am. The naturist community is the kindest and most loving and accepting community I have ever been a part of. I’m a gay Christian man and I have never felt accepted for who I am both physically or who I am as a person. This community has given me something I have never experienced before.

So this in totality is “Why Naturism?” and why I will always be a part of and promote this amazing community and life.

Dustin on Naked Gardening Day 2022.

For more information about naturism check out my resources page and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Naked Meditation: What I’m Learning

Meditation can come with some surprising benefits is something I’ve been learning. For me it’s been made even better naked.

Now for sure there isn’t any difference really between being clothed and nude but for me, being naked is more comfortable. One of the big benefits is the body confidence you can gain from being naked. Being naked during meditation there is no barriers separating you from experiencing the world around you. Most people will meditate in loose and baggy clothing to keep from being restricted but being nude is the ultimate way to be unrestricted.

One thing that I’m interested in doing is group meditation in the buff. I think it would be great to enjoy this experience with others.

So what have I learned from naked meditation?

1. Freedom

Although I have enjoyed the freedom of being naked at home and out with others at resorts and hot springs I’ve learned that I am freeing my mind and body during naked meditation. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress from work and meditation has been helping me to be free from that stress because I can clear my mind with meditation.

2. Body Image

Growing up I’ve had a lot of body confidence issues but since I’ve gotten into naturism I’ve really began to appreciate how body looks. The meditation has helped me to connect even more with my body and how I feel after each session.

3. Confidence

Stress has caused me to lose some self esteem but meditation has helped me to build back my confidence. Meditation has helped me to refocus my mind and dig deep to know that I am worthy and worth more than the stress has told me I am worth.

4. Higher Levels of Consciousness

I’ve become more conscious of my body and things that might not be well and areas I need to focus on to make them better. I’m more conscious of how I look and how I feel about my body image. I have also been more conscious about what I’ve been eating and drinking as well so I can become healthier.

5. Stripping Away the Ego

We came into the world naked, in our purest form. Often times our clothes bring out our ego and for many people the clothing makes people more confident because they are hiding their flaws. When I walk into my home and strip off my clothes and go into meditation I am stripping off the stress of the day and my negative ego that has developed because of the stress. Being naked distances me from the ego and helps me find the real me.

6. Different Physical Sensations

When I’m no longer wearing clothing I experience different sensations on my skin and I become more aware of the stimuli of the textures that are touching my skin.

Things to remember if you plan to meditate in the buff:

1. Stay Warm – Be conscious of your limitations when it comes to hot and cold temperatures since you’re naked.

2. Take Your Time – Make sure you sent aside ample time to keep from rushing through meditation. Meditation takes patience and you can’t expect to have a positive session you have to give yourself enough time.

3. Find Somewhere Private – When you’re practicing nude meditation you’ll want to find somewhere that is private for your own privacy and as to not create any issues with anyone who could happen upon you.

Good luck with your next nude meditation session and I hope you find a newfound freedom and new sensations during your nude meditation session.

Naked At Home

Some people are only nude at home and there is a lot that can be done while nude at home. It is a very comfortable way to enjoy you time spent at home.

Dustin nude at home.

With society shunning nudity, many people have turned to being nude at home since it is the only place free from what society sees as being wrong. Nudity is the most natural thing in the world. There are many benefits to being nude at home because there is no one there to judge you or shame you for your nudity.

We came into this world buck naked so why not continue to embrace that freedom! Unless your windows are where no neighbors or cars driving by can’t see you, then you’ll want to keep your curtains closed.

There are some really great things you can do while enjoying your naked freedom indoors.

Dustin cleaning at home.

1. Cleaning

Dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes and many other household chores are great to do while enjoying some much needed naked time. If you splash water on yourself or get dirty while dusting, it’s easy to clean off when you’re not dressed. Plus it saves on laundry because you won’t get the clothing dirty while cleaning.

2. Eating

Have you ever dropped food down the front of your shirt or on your trousers? Well that’s an easy clean up when you eat in the nude. No more worrying about staining your clothing or having to change shirts when you accidentally drop food.

Stock photo.

3. Playing Video Games

Sometimes your video game session can get intense and you end up sweating a lot. Well if your nude you can stay cool and remain comfortable while gaming. Being naked means your body is able to cool down faster when your sweating.

Dustin playing video games.

4. Work From Home

With the recent pandemic, many people have been working remote from their homes. This can be a great opportunity to work comfortably while saving on laundry costs. Obviously if your work requires you to be on camera during your work, this may not work for you. If you do have the ability to not be on camera for those pesky zoom calls, you can enjoy working from home in the buff. I do this as often as I possibly can. Sometimes I even work nude on my back deck on really nice days.

Dustin working from home nude.

5. Sleeping

This may be a fairly obvious one but many people still wear pajamas when hitting the sack. If you have never tried sleeping nude, I highly recommend it. Even studies have shown many benefits of sleeping nude.

6. Sunbathing

This will keep your summer clothes from getting covered in sunscreen. Sunscreen sometimes can even stain your clothing. Sunbathing in the nude helps you get an all over tan and lots of very good vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for booting your mood. Give it a try today!

Dustin sunbathing in his yard.

As you can see there are many things you can do while embracing nudity at home free from judgement. Being naked, even at home will help you to accept your body. No one is perfect and being seeing yourself for who you are will help you be more positive.

As you accept your body, your confidence will grow. Spending time naked at home will allow you to feel free and limitless. Plus if the whole family joins in (kids included) you might see that they will also grow more confident as they accept their bodies as well.

Dustin experiencing the freedom of his first nude hike at
Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort.

10 Tips to Become a Naturist

During the COVID pandemic many people found comfort in working from home and even sans clothing. Some are now looking to continue the sans clothing lifestyle. Here are some tips to get started with naturism and experience social naturism.



Before you launch into social naturism you’ll want to look at naturist venues near you and you’ll want to possibly find a friend to go with. The best place to get started is at a clothing optional venue like a hot spring. Getting naked in front of a partner is easier than in front of your friends so if possible go with your partner.


Should you take your kids and family? You may be nervous about your kids seeing you naked and what they’ll think. Kids have no shame in nudity and often will not care if you’re naked. In fact your kids seeing you naked can be very positive for them because it teaches them to that the human body is not taboo or exclusively associated with sex.

Explain to the kids and your family why this is important to you and why you want to try social naturism if you plan to invite them to join you. You can keep your decision to try social naturism between you and your partner.

ADN-ZB/Hirndorf/4.8.83/Frankfurt/Oder: Am FKK-Stand Herzsprung. Einer der beliebtesten Badestrände im Kreis Angermünde ist der FKK-Strand bei Herzsprung. Hier haben die Werktätigen des Kreisbetriebes für Landtechnik Angermünde in langer und beharrlicher Arbeit ein Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum für alle geschaffen.


When you visit a naturist venue, be sure to follow the rules exactly. Always respect the environment and help keep the site clean. Body language is very important and of importance. Do not stare, even if you see someone has a body imperfection or any difference.


These both are important. When you sit on a chair or working out in the gym, don’t forget to bring a butt towel. It is important for hygiene and comfort. When you’re hiking nude, you’ll still want to consider wearing shoes to protect your feet. Living sans clothing does not mean you should pass on the basic rules of hygiene.


Especially in some countries like the United States, public nudity can get a person into trouble. It is best to only go where nudity is allowed such as clothing optional beaches, pools and naturist resorts. The laws are more permissive in other countries, so be sure to research your local laws.


For the first few minutes you may feel nervous. This feeling normally goes away quickly for most people. Many men are worried about getting an involuntary erection. If this happens, get into the pool, rollover or cover up with a towel. Respect is the important key word here. Respect your body and that of others. Once more, don’t stare and they won’t stare at you. As time passes, you’ll become more comfortable and you’ll find that your acceptance of your own body will grow.


It may sound silly, but you may wonder what to pack for your naturist vacation. Often times at a naturist venue, nudity is mandatory. You may still find it necessary to have clothing for playing sports or if you must leave the naturist venue any reason. Also be aware of the weather and pack accordingly. You don’t want to get stuck without the proper protection for the weather conditions. Also in some cases, you may be required to wear clothing inside of a food venue at the naturist site. So pack what your normally would.


You may not be comfortable with your body, but you are willing to try out naturism to gain more confidence. Great! You’ll find that those around you are kind and are not judgmental of your body. Some people may feel more comfortable being fully free of hair and some may not, that’s up to you. When who are on their period should not be worried about having to wear clothing in a nudity mandatory place because this is acceptable and hygienic.


You can get a great all over tan by practicing naturism. Be aware though that much of the skin you are exposing to the sun now will need protection. Your skin in some areas is sensitive and it could be painful to be burned there. Don’t skimp on the on screen especially for the first few days.


As you approach your first naturist experience take some time to relax and begin by spending time naked at home. Simply be naked while doing your normal activities around your house, such as, watching TV or doing your chores. Once you’ve done this for a while, you’ll begin to feel like getting nude in front of others doesn’t seem impossible anymore.

There you have it, 10 tips for becoming a naturist. I hope your first experience changes your view of those around you and you find that it is a very body positive community. Feel free to post questions in the comments and I’ll try to help you. Maybe I’ll see you at a naturist venue sometime in the future.

9 Benefits of Nude Sunbathing

The feeling of the sun touching every inch of of your body is a great feeling and it is also beneficial.

1. Vitamin D: You get lots of natural Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is very good for bone, skin and organ health. It also aids in putting you in a better mood.

2. Prevents Infections: When wearing clothing, we tend to sweat a lot. The sweat is a breeder of bacteria which can lead to bacterial infections. By spending time nude, your body is able to air out and this reduces the risk of an infection.

3. Reduces Toxins: By sweating, this eliminates toxins from your skin. By wearing clothing the bacteria gets soaked up and this allows your skin to reabsorb the toxins. Being naked allows your body to rid itself of these toxins.

4. Enhance Circulation: Tight clothing can and does lead to circulation issues because they put pressure on your body. By taking off the clothing, you allow your circulation to flow freely.

5. Boost Brain Function: Going naked has been found to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and increases brain function.

6. Relaxation: Being naked is akin to getting a message. Lying in a bed naked helps to increase blood flow. This makes it easier for your body to detox and that reduces the burden on your nervous system.

7. Boosts Self-Confidence: Being naked forces you to face your flaws. Eventually, you will gradually become more comfortable with what you look like. With time, your own perception of your body image will improve and you’ll see yourself in a whole new positive way.

8. Reduce Clothing Costs/Waste: It’s estimated that $17.6 billion is spent on swimwear alone each year. Now imagine how much is spent on other items of clothing. By going naked, you’ll find that you spend less on clothing. Think about how much money you would save by going nude. By not wearing clothing you’re saving more waste from hitting the landfills.

9. Respect For Others: By being nude and seeing others nude you develop more respect for others and how they look. Research also shows that pro-nude people have a much easier time accepting the LGBT way of life of others and more respectful of ethnic and religious differences.

World Naked Gardening Day 2022

It was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy time working in the garden and making my property look beautiful.

Each year on the first Saturday of May people all around the world take part in World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD). This event is enjoyed by gardeners and non-gardeners alike. “WNGD is endorsed by The Naturist Society, Clothes Free International and American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), among others. As of 2012, WNGD is currently a collaborative project of the Naturist Education Foundation, Inc.” (via WNGD Wikipedia)

I first participated in the day 3 years ago and have enjoyed it each year since. One day I hope to do it as a part of a collaborative event and hopefully in a public venue so we can educate the public about the benefits of naturism. I look forward to the WNGD each yeah and enjoy planting flowers and getting my yard looking beautiful.

WNGD also encourages body positivity just like many other nude events that I have attended. Each year that passes I feel the positivity toward my own nude body growing.

“Beyond body positivity, Corky Stanton of Clothes Free International, an organization that promotes nude recreation, has asserted that the event offers the “fringe benefits of bare, unabashed recreation: the satisfaction of exercising in the great outdoors; the attractiveness of an all-over tan; more Vitamin D on your whole body; the unbeatable experience of skinny-dipping if the naturist event involves a beach or a lake.” (via WNGD Wikipedia)

Since the inception of WNGD, the event has grown and has been featured in various top 10 lists. A person does not necessarily need to be outside to participate but it’s encouraged for the positive health effects from natural Vitamin D. I hope you will join me and many others next May 2023 for WNGD.

Naked Bowling – A New Experience

Another new experience has been achieved and it was an amazing time! I can’t wait to go back and join more activities.

Me during Nude Bowling hosted by Rocky Mountain Naturist Club and Mountain Air Ranch.

This day started off with enjoying some time at my friends house in Denver before we headed over to get everything setup for the evening. After arriving at the bowling alley we setup the check-in area and made sure everything else was ready.

I finally picked lane 7 as the place I would setup to bowl at. I setup my butt towel and waiting for another friend to show up. After a few minutes it was finally time to undress and get comfortable. This was by far a new experience to be in a public place and getting undressed. If this wasn’t a nude event, a person could be in trouble and could be possibly charged with indecent exposure.

For me to undress in a public venue was a little awkward because I have never done such a thing. I have been nude at nude venues but never in a public space. I should probably note that the bowling alley was closed to the public as we rented out the entire venue for the nude bowling event.

The awkward feeling quickly went away as it usually does right after doing something for the first time. Finally my friend showed up (this was is first nude bowling experience also) and a couple other people joined us. We setup the computer on the lane and started.

By the time we started there were about 40 nude people at the bowling alley and getting setup to begin bowling. These were people of all walks of life and of all different ages from around 7 years old to around 90. The event eventually had around 70 people at the venue. Not everyone was bowling but enjoying the event as a social time.

Me nude bowling.

The games started off good for me. I don’t normally do good at all in bowling so I never expect to win a game. I actually won the first game with a score of 83. The next game however was much better for me. I ended up with a score of 107 which is probably the highest score I have bowled. The rest of the games that evening didn’t go as well for me.

Overall the evening was great and I am very much looking forward to going to the next nude bowling event later this year. By the end of the night I felt just as comfortable there as I do when I visit nude venues. At the end of the night I got to enjoy skinny dipping with my friends at the one friends house.

I hope you get to enjoy an event like this near you!

Me nude bowling.

I Was Taught Wrong

You didn’t read that incorrectly. I spent the last few days reading Chain Breakers by R.B. Mears on Kindle. This book really opened my eyes to some biblical principles and information I had been taught wrong my entire life. I always try to make sure that I do my own research and not believe everything a man tells me. So along with reading this book I did some research to ensure what I was reading was true.

Several pastors that I have learned from always told us to check them on everything they preached by looking it up in scripture and researching it for ourselves. While reading Chain Breakers, I was doing just that. Looking up every single reference that was mentioned in the book and doing further research. I am still doing more research as I write this blog post to share with all of you.

Nude man standing next to sign for Mountain Air Ranch Family Nudist Resort
Blog owner Dustin visiting Mountain Air Ranch July 2021. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Nakedness the way many in church have described it to us growing up would be wrong and a sin. But looking at the words that were used in the original Bible text make a lot more sense and give us a better picture of how God described being naked. This really rocked my world when I learned there were different ways God described nakedness in the Bible.

Here is one those words and the definition:

NAKED: Arom: עָרוֹם (Sounds like: ahrohm)

Arom (עָרוֹם): naked; Or marom {aw-rome’}; from aram (in its original sense); nude, either partially or totally — naked. (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

Arom often spoke of the childlike innocent nudity. This was found in Genesis when Adam and Eve were nude in the Garden of Eden. They didn’t know of their nakedness until Satan had told them they were naked. They covered themselves up. God did not command them to cover up and was angry that they had been told about their nakedness.

When we think about how God described nakedness it really puts it in a proper perspective and allows us to be released from Satan’s definition of nakedness and its purpose.

Nude Beach Rules

So you’re finally ready to take the step to try out a nude beach for some relaxation and to catch some sun rays. Here are a few rules you’ll want to follow to ensure you and everyone else has an enjoyable experience.

Signpost at Mpenjati Naturist Beach advising people that they may see naked people. Waynejayes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Make Sure You’re on a Nudist Beach

At nudist or clothing optional beaches, you should find signs marking the are in which you may be nude. If you don’t see any signs, look around for others and see what other people are doing. But don’t let that be the final decision because if it is not allowed there, you can still get into trouble.

2. Get Undressed

Just dive in and get undressed. If you’re at a clothing optional beach it would be acceptable to remain dressed until you’re comfortable. Some places are nudity required, so be ready to whatever the situation is.

3. Don’t Take Pictures

It can be risky to even take a selfie because you have no idea who may have jumped into the shot. Those who are there are expecting privacy while they enjoy the beach in the buff. I’m not saying you can’t take pictures but ensure there is no one else in the photo and if anyone else will be appearing in the photos, be sure you have their permission.

Sunning at the beach. hans_castorp2010, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Come Prepared

In many cases these nudist beaches can be off the beaten path and may require a hike to get there, so you’ll want to be prepared. You should be prepared to pack in food and drinks and other items to make your time at the beach comfortable. Most likely you’ll want to have an umbrella, water, snacks, a towel or blanket and maybe some clothing to cover up with if the weather turns bad. Be sure to include a first aid kit as well!

5. Don’t Stare

It’s just plain rude to stare at people whether you’re at a nudist venue or anywhere else. When everyone is nude, we are all equal and no one has anything you most likely have never seen before. If you’re new to a nudist beach, just imagine everyone is wearing clothing.

6. Sunscreen is a Must!

No one wants to be burned and on some of the more sensitive parts of your body, you’ll want to protect yourself with some sunscreen. Be sure to reapply often to ensure you remain protected.

7. Watch What You Say

Typically you’ll want to avoid conversations about religion and politics in my circumstances. Also avoid complementing as it can also be taken the wrong way. Also be aware that not everyone who goes to the nudist beach wants to talk to others. Respect the privacy of others and if invited to have a conversation or it’s declined just simply respect that choice.

Skinny dipping after the WNBR in Brighton. Funk Dooby from Kent, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Respect Personal Space

Give people the personal space they expect to get when at the beach. Like I mentioned before, some people are there for some alone time or as an escape from reality even if for a small amount of time. Respect others and give them space.

9. Sexual Activity is Forbidden

Having sex in public is typically against the law in many areas and basic common sense says you shouldn’t do it. You could get into serious trouble for having public sexual relations. Sexual activity also includes exhibitionism, swinging and voyeurism and are not allowed.

10. Get Dressed Before Leaving

Be sure to get dressed before you leave the nude beach area. Nudity outside of these areas may be illegal and could you could get fined and in some cases may face even more serious charges.

11. Safeguard Your Valuables

Crime happens everywhere and keeping your valuables safe is important. Either keep someone watching over your things or take them with you. There is always the option of taking your items in a water proof bag if you’re alone and don’t want to take the chance of losing your items.

When Medical Emergencies Happen

While enjoying some nude relaxation at a nudist resort or at a nude beach, you don’t expect to have a medical emergency happen. So what happens when you or someone else experiences a medical emergency? Well you would expect someone would activate the emergency medical system and starting medical personnel on the way.

Now, what happens when you are a member of the emergency system and witness the medical emergency occur? You jump into action and try to help the person as best you can until the local emergency medical services arrive. It’s yet another experience you never expect to experience while relaxing nude at the resort or beach. Treating someone medically while nude is what happened to me but it was completely unexpected.

Dustin, blog owner on duty with his local fire service. Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Yep, I am an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and this did happen to me one day while visiting a nudist venue. I never did expect to witness a medical emergency or to act in a medical capacity while naked. Honestly, the nudity didn’t even phase me. I sure didn’t think about being naked while treating the individual. I just did what I would have done while dressed in my uniform. I think that anyone who is in medicine and also visiting a nudist resort or beach would have done the same thing. Saving a life is far more important than what clothing we are wearing or aren’t wearing.

Typically the local emergency medical services are used to visiting the nudist resorts and beaches and it doesn’t phase them. To see a nude body is nothing new, especially if you have been in the emergency medical field for any length of time. You see plenty of it when you have to help treat people with medical and trauma emergencies. It is simply another human who is in need of some type of help, so you just treat them. Most would say that having to be the medical provider and treat someone while nude might be a little weird the first couple of times but like anything else in nudism/naturism, it’s just another normal activity that can be done while nude.

Nudists visit a resort.

Another thing to consider when going anywhere is whether or not any of your friends have medical training. Knowing who does and does not have training will help if there is ever an emergency that happens along the way. It can give you the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, you’d have someone there who had the proper training to assist you.

Now, if you are out in the boondocks where many nudist resorts are located at, there may or may not be cellular phone service. As was the case with the incident I attended to, luckily they have the option of WiFi calling available. Be mindful of the best methods of communication when going out to an area that most likely will not have any kind of cellular phone service.

People Hiking Nude in Gard – Gilbau, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

**As a quick side note, I am legally not allowed to share details of the medical emergency that I attended to nor the location. Please note that in the United States of America, it is illegal to share any medication information about a victim with anyone outside of family and other medical practitioners who are involved with caring for the individual. No images on this posting are directly related to the people involved, the incident or the location.**