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Nude Hiking: Tips & Tricks

A good way to keep fit or get fit is to take a hike. When people hear the word hiking, typically they think of trekking though a mountain forest. In reality, you can hiking basically anywhere. Some people may enjoy hiking on the countryside or along a beach oceanside. Hiking isn’t just good for fitness but it can be a stress reliever as well. You can simply stop along the way to enjoy the views or be quiet to hear the stillness of nature. Naturists like to take this a step further by hiking naked.

People Hiking Nude in Gard – Gilbau, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

Naked hiking is just one activity that some naturists deem to be very important to the way they live naked. There are several reasons why someone should hike in the buff.

Reasons to Hike Nude

  1. It’s Comfortable

This would be one of my quick go to reasons for hiking in the nude. You don’t have to worry about sticky clothing clinging to your sweaty skin. You get to enjoy the feeling of the breeze moving across your body and the warmth of the sun hugging every part of your skin.

2. Cuts down on the laundry costs

Hiking nude means you don’t have the dirty laundry to deal with from all the sweating that will occur. This does help reduce the amount of water you’re using to clean laundry and in turn that will even save you some money.

3. No need to undress to swim

If you are hiking along and happen along an opportunity to swim in a pond or river, there is no need to get undressed. When hiking nude you are already wearing your bathing suit and you can jump right in. Plus, you don’t really need to bring a towel for drying off, just for sitting on chairs/benches, because you can simply air dry as you continue your hike.

Tips for Hiking Nude

Whether it is your first time or you are an avid nude hiker, these tips will help you to have an enjoyable hike and stay safe.

Hiking Nude at the Rhine – QuidoX, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Foot Protection

Be aware of where you plan to hike. Hiking in the woods where there can be sharp sticks or rocks can cause injury. Hiking barefoot in the forest is not advised. On the beach or out in the countryside, there may be opportunities to hike barefoot but there can still be sharp rocks or objects around that you could get an injury from. If you plan to hike barefoot, know the terrain and keep at least some sandals with you in case the turn becomes unfriendly to bare feet.

2. Know the Poisonous Plants in Your Area

Knowing what poisonous plants are in the area where you plan to hike is very important. It can be a very long distance to the nearest medical attention so it is dire that you know what to look for and avoid along the trail. Check out the information about Plant Safety from the American Hiking Society.

3. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself and your fellow hikers hydrated is very important. Dehydration can sometimes sneak up on your and can ruin your trip. Take plenty of clean drinking water with you.

4. Hike with Others

A group hike with others is always far more fun and not to mention safer. There is always safety in numbers especially when hiking naked.

5. Concealed Carry

Bring along a small backpack at least to keep your essentials items in. Please be sure to check local regulations in regards to concealed carry.

6. Avoid High Traffic Areas

Even though nudity is not illegal in all areas does not mean that people won’t be annoyed by it. It is best to always having something to cover up with just in case the occasion might arise when it is needed. If you do run into someone along the way, there might be an opportunity to share the benefits of naturism and hiking naked.

7. Early Morning or Evening

Going out in the early morning or evening will help with encountering a lot of people. Plus sunburn and dehydration are real issues in the heat of the day. By going at these times it will be cooler and less sun to cause issues. Night time nude hiking is not recommended especially if you are not familiar with the area.

8. Naturists Welcome

By going to a place that is near a nudist or naturist club or resort can be a great way to meet other naturists who want to hike nude. For example, I’ll be going to a naturist resort in June 2021. This resort offers 10 miles of hiking trails. I am more likely to have more people to hike with and less worry about running into someone who might get offended by our naked hiking.

9. Always Take The Opportunity

If the opportunity presents itself to hike nude, you should probably take it. Enjoy all the times you get to hike nude. Hiking in the winter, weather permitting can be a great way to keep the cabin fever away.

10. Have Fun!

Whether hiking alone or with a group, you should always be on the look out for fun opportunities. The fun may be jumping into a pond for a little swim or just taking in the sights. The more enriching you make the activity, the more enjoyable it becomes.

Stay naked friends!

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