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Series: Naturist Etiquette – Part 2

Naturist Dining Etiquette

Whether it is a back yard barbecue or you’re at a restaurant dining in the nude, this etiquette will help ensure you and everyone else will have an enjoyable experience.

  1. Towel On: For basic hygiene everyone should bring a towel to sit on and in some cases depending on the venue, you may be required to wear a cover-up or clothing. Check with the venue before dining.
  2. Not all friends: Wait to be invited to sit at a table with open space. Unlike being on a cruise where you may be seated with people you don’t know, people may not want more people sitting with them. Wait for the invite before you sit. Naturists are some of the friendliest people and you’ll probably get invites to eat with one group or another but wait for the invite.
  3. Use a napkin: Covering up your private bits during with a napkin is good manners. This is the case if the venue has not already required a cover-up to be worn. Just because you’re not wearing clothing does not mean you should strip yourself of manners.
  4. Don’t like it hot: Using caution around barbecues, hot bowls of soup is very important. You don’t want that waiter serving you a hot bowl of soup and accidentally spill it on your lap.
  5. Listen to your mother: As a kid, you might have heard your mother tell you not to slouch. Well when you’re nude it is far more noticeable. It’s good manners and better for your health to sit up properly.
  6. Don’t reach: It’s better practice to ask to have something passed to you than to reach across to grab what you want. When reaching you might inadvertently hit your arm on someone body which might cause them to take offense. Simply just ask and don’t reach.
  7. Too Casual: Don’t be putting your feet up on a table and don’t cross your leg over the other knee. Be considerate of the view others will have when sitting across from you.
  8. Eyes up here: Don’t stare! This is one of those rules you should have learned from my first naturist etiquette post. On this same subject, it’s much better to talk about food than someones body. Maintain your eye contact.
  9. Food Porn: If the venue allows you to take pictures of your food, or even have a camera, go ahead and take pictures of the food to share. Just be careful about what is in the background.
  10. Chill Out: You may be nervous about dining in the buff, but don’t be! Most concerns about being naked go away within about 10-15 minutes. Nude dining is far more relaxing and natural. There isn’t the social pressure of wearing the right thing to impress others around you. Plus, it just might motivate you to eat healthier.

Hopefully you’ll find these points helpful on your next visit to a naturist venue.


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